1. so today I have:

    • watched two episodes of Mr Selfridge (I love that show)
    • gone to town to do a bit of shopping
    • returned the clothes I needed to return
    • finally got myself a nice new pair of jeans that actually fit and it only took me half an hour (which must be some kind of record)
    • written up THREE lectures
    • done half an hour of ab exercises/planks/squats
    • tidied my room
    • given myself a little manicure

    AND I’m currently printing out a whole bunch of lecture notes to see me through the next few weeks

    do you know how great I feel for being this productive?! I haven’t had a Sunday this productive in ages


  2. Anonymous said: My story starts with a description of setting. Is this bad?

    There’s no right or wrong answer to this

    If you feel good about that description and you feel it sets the scene well and you’re happy with it, then great!

    There’s no rule that says you can’t start a story with a description of setting. Many books do! Just be careful not to make it too long or too bland that it doesn’t hook the reader sufficiently xo


  3. Anonymous said: Do you have you pay your agent their commission, or do they take it straight away?

    Typically, money you earn whilst with an agent gets paid directly to the agent, they take their commission, and send the rest on to the author xo


  4. Anonymous said: What do you think would sell better - a novel set in the US or UK?

    I don’t think it’s about the setting, I think it’s about the book.

    I set TKB in the US because we don’t have kissing booths here in the UK, and then I just decided to carry on writing books set in America, but I’d like to bring my writing back to the UK :)

    If the story works better in a UK/US setting, then go with what works - but it’s the story that important, and your characters, and your writing, and not so much whether it’s in the States or in Britain xo


  5. Anonymous said: Do you have a press kit?

    Not really? xo


  6. Anonymous said: How many words are your books?

    The Kissing Booth is around 90,000

    Rolling Dice closer to 95,000

    and Out of Tune was about 70,000

    as far as I can remember :) xo


  7. Anonymous said: What was it like on the day of TKB's publication?

    Well Random House were great - they organised a whole day in London for me, so I got to go to Foyles on Southbank and Waterstones Piccadilly to sign books, and I did a sort of video diary throughout the day, and they had a photographer around to take loads of photos of me all day - in the bookshops and beside the Thames and that kind of thing.

    They took me for a lovely meal and then we went to the Ealing offices where they had this whole party set up, with awesome cupcakes to celebrate The Kissing Booth, and I signed more books for people at the offices :p 

    It was crazy that after having cultivated this book for the better part of two years - from writing it and then it growing in popularity on Wattpad to the few months between getting the book contract and getting the paperback published, I could hold it and I could see it in the shops and it was just the best feeling EVER xo


  8. Anonymous said: Could you post a picture of all the copies of your books that you have?

    I could but they’re at home and I’m at uni :) xo


  9. Anonymous said: Would you call it sixth form or college normally?

    Depends where you go - Sixth Form is a little bit different to college in that Sixth forms are usually part of a comprehensive/high school, and colleges tend to be JUST for the students in their last two years of education before university

    I just say Sixth Form xo


  10. Anonymous said: Are you working on another book?

    I’m working on a story for a Project That Is As Yet Unnannounced So I Can’t Talk About It Too Much

    but I’m also writing more books because, you know, why wouldn’t I? :p



  11. loserblogcauseloser said: (continuation to the Meg Cabot question) omg that's great she's one of my faves and basically the only reason why I started reading in the first place! And also did you know Disney has a movie for Avalon High!?!??? I just found out recently but I haven't been unable to find the movie :(

    yeah I saw it!! I wasn’t that thrilled with it (because it wasn’t much like the book) but it wasn’t bad.

    Meg Cabot’s books are just AMAZING xo


  12. Anonymous said: What is your favorite book ?


    so here’s a list:

    • Harry Potter (all of them)
    • Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen
    • Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins
    • Perfect Chemistry, by Simone Elkeles
    • Pirates! by Celia Rees
    • Looking for Alaska, by John Green
    • Jane Eyre
    • Meant to Be, by Lauren Morrill

    I have more favourites but I can’t think of them right now haha :) xo


  13. Anonymous said: Does anyone else edit your work besides yourself? Agent? Publisher?

    When I sent off The Kissing Booth, Rolling Dice, and Out of Tune, I sent them to my editor at Random House, and we worked through edits between us, and then there was a copy editor to help check for errors, dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

    I’m also lucky that my agent (Clare Wallace, at Darley Anderson) has said that she’s happy to read through any work and help me edit it if I want, and there’s an in-house editor at Darley Anderson too :) xo


  14. Anonymous said: Why did you choose to get an agent now?

    Because with Out of Tune being publishing last July, that was the third book of my three-book deal with Random House, so I got an agent to help further my career and get more book deals in the future :) xo


  15. Anonymous said: do you read Meg Cabot books??? her books are really good !!


    I loved the Princess Diaries but prefer the Mediator series (Suze and Jesse are one of my top OTPs) and really liked Avalon High and also the Size 12’s Not Fat series too :’) xo