1. just wanted to say: I know I said I’d post reviews of all the books I read this year on my blog, and I have posted like two so far… but since I’ve not had time to read with uni, I am actually keeping to what I said! Over the summer I’m likely to read a ton of books though so I’ll end up posting a whole bunch of reviews then! :)


  2. @liveawaylife asked via Twitter: Before u wrote TKB because you had nothing to read, did you ever think, I want to write a book? Or I want to be a published author?

    I was writing novel-length stories long before I wrote The Kissing Booth! I wrote a fantasy trilogy when I was 12/13 and a whole bunch of stories besides. The Kissing Booth was my first real teen fiction (before that, I mostly stuck to fantasy, or sometimes historical fiction) and the first I really took seriously, because I was getting so much brilliant feedback from my readers on Wattpad that for the first time I thought, ‘I must be doing something right!’

    Where I was writing so much though, I kept thinking how great it would be to be an author and be paid for this hobby. I looked into self-publishing and how to publish, but didn’t think about it seriously.

    Then when TKB became so popular online, I looked again, more seriously, and considered submitting my work to literary agents (but I didn’t because I was worried they’d reject me based on my age) and I was going to self-publish on Kindle, but I couldn’t because I was too young. Before Random House came along, I thought that I’d probably send my work off to a lit agent maybe a few years down the line, when I was a bit older, or something - but as it turns out, I didn’t have to! :) xo


  3. Anonymous asked: What makeup do you use?

    Clinique foundation, a little concealer (not sure which brand… maybe Rimmel?) and No 7 mascara. That’s about it! If I’m doing photoshoots or going on TV to do interviews I wear a little eyeliner and blusher, and put some powder on to make the foundation stay on longer, but I don’t tend to wear heavy makeup, and I don’t usually wear makeup unless I’m going out somewhere anyway! xo


  4. Anonymous asked: Do you have any piercings? Or what would you like?

    I just have my ears pierced (just the one in each lobe) and wouldn’t want any other piercings xo


  5. Anonymous asked: You should also get some photos professionally taken to post as author photos on your site!

    good suggestion! :) (did you know that my author photo in The Kissing Booth and my other books - at least the UK versions - has been a selfie I took because I hadn’t changed my profile pic on facebook or anything in about eight months? Haha!)

    What would you guys want to see on a website for me? Drop me an ask and let me know! xo


  6. Anonymous asked: When you make tv appearances for interviews, do you get your makeup and hair done or do you do your own?

    When I was going to be on the BBC Breakfast show, I had my makeup done, but that’s the only time it’s happened. I was supposed to go on ITV’s Lorraine Show (in the end they bumped me for Colleen Rooney) and they’d have done all my hair and makeup

    But every other time I’ve done my own :) xo


  7. check this out!

    did you guys know that the brilliant Amy McCulloch is now on Wattpad?! She’s posting a new book called ‘The Oathbreaker’s Shadow’ on there, and the first part is already up!

    Follow her and check out her book here: xo

  8. jtotheizzoe:


    Which house do you belong to? (via LISACommunity on Facebook)

    Science is coming.

    this is simply superb!


  9. Anonymous asked: OH MY GOD thank you for the 8tracks recommendation it's perfect! EEEP I'm so excited to write now! Seriously, thank you so much, Beth :D xXxXxXx

    No problem, I’m happy to help! 8tracks is always such a great place for writing music when I don’t know exactly what I want to listen to, because there are so many playlists there to pick from :p

    Good luck with the writing, sweetie! xo


  10. Anonymous asked: What do you friends at uni think about your writing? Was their reaction any different to your friends reactions when you were writing in high school? Love from the USA~

    Well whenever my flatmates have a friend or family members round they introduce me as “the one who wrote the book” so I think they’re kind of proud of me! (We’re like a little family in our flat, it’s so nice!) 

    My friends at uni seem to be pretty proud in a way, too - they’ll tell people back at home about me and my books!

    People at uni are a lot more surprised when they learn about me and my writing than my friends in high school were - at uni, everyone’s like, “Oh, hey, you’re doing a physics degree? That’s cool/That must be hard/That’s unusual for a girl” and then once they know about the books they’ll say, “What, seriously?! But you do physics! They’re so different!”

    So yeah, uni people react differently, but not in a bad way - they’re just even more surprised! :) xo


  11. Anonymous asked: Where can I view the list of interviews?

    sorry, I can see how my post about that log of all my online interviews was misleading! I’ve not posted the list of interviews - I’ve actually just put all the links into Word documents, one document for each month since December 2012, and if I do make a website for myself over the summer, I’ll post all the links on there :)

    What would you guys want to see on a website for me? Drop me a message and let me know! xo


  12. Anonymous asked: is TKB available as an iBook? or just on amazon? I have an ipad and I want to download it.

    It’s available on iBooks right here!

    Both Rolling Dice and The Kissing Booth are available worldwide on Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and on the Google Play store for Android devices :)

    All the links to the ebooks can be found here and the paperback of The Kissing Booth is currently available worldwide :) (and in Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, and the Turkish version is due out soon!) xo


  13. Anonymous asked: Hey Beth! I just wanted to ask if you write to music? If so, do you have any good recommendations? (I'm really stuck for writing music atm and it's totally ruining my flow!!) xXxXxXx

    Often, yes! Particularly when I have writers’ block, or when I want to write but don’t know what to write - and soundtracks or instrumental covers are by far the best, as far as I’m concerned! Instrumental music is always so incredibly emotive, and when music doesn’t have lyrics, you can interpret the song however you want! 

    Some of my favourite soundtracks are Pirates of the Caribbean, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. They’re all on Spotify if you can’t find them anywhere else (so you can sign up and listen for free!)

    8tracks is another one that’s brilliant for instrumental (covers of songs - and God, I have such a weakness for string quartet covers! - and also original scores) and you don’t even need to sign up (but if you do, it’s free).

    I hope that’s helped you; please do let me know how useful you find it, or if you listen to anything else you find helps with your writing! :) xo


  14. Anonymous asked: is TKB being made into a movie?!?!?!??! i just love ur book!

    the rights have been sold to Random House Children’s Screen Entertainment (RHCSE) and things are looking very promising for a film, so fingers crossed! :) xo


  15. Anonymous asked: How did you choose names for your characters?

    when I’m stuck, baby name sites are my favourite place to go. Or sometimes I’ll search ‘popular baby names in America in 1997’ or something (or whatever year I imagine my characters are born, and America because that’s where my books are set) because that’s pretty useful for finding names

    But most of the time my characters just sort of form in my head with a name, backstory, characteristics, nervous habits, etc. and I don’t have to put much thought into it. I usually have to search baby name sites for character names for the more background or secondary characters :) xo